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For The Love of Icons! >.<

[ you did tell me to ]

So I'm Famous...
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Since people like my icons so much, I decided to create a journal solely for them. I will post my favorites for starters, from ones I've created in the past. Then, as I make new ones, this journal will be the first to receive them (along with its sister community, yugi_icons).

I changed the background of the journal, so the rules are no longer there. It's the same as any other icon site - you take, you credit. If you don't credit, I'll hunt you down and make your life miserable. So far no one else has had a problem crediting, so I'm not making any exceptions for "special cases".

I made this thing purely to boost my ego... and I'm only a little embarassed by my fanbase. #^^#

So - thanks for teh icon love, and I look forward to making more! ^.^

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If you would like to be affiliated with this journal, drop me a line at emptythepocket4421 at yahoo dot com.